I teach Grade 5 theory using a method developed by Rachel Miller which is fast, clear and even fun! It is so successful that the majority of students are ready for the exam in one term or under.

The system uses easily learned charts of keys, clefs and transpositions, enabling students to find the right answers quickly and easily. Those students who prefer a more academic and in depth approach are catered for as well.

Many young people prepare for the Grade 5 Theory exam somewhat reluctantly and usually out of necessity - they cannot progress with their instrumental grades without this qualification. They find the material confusing and very often the way it is presented to them only reinforces these feelings.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

We have also put the whole course online - so students will benefit from a combination of face to face tuition and a comprehensive online resource with all the material, much of it interactive, so that they can work independently between lessons.

If you are not based in Devon (UK) you can arrange face to face tuition over Skype.

For further information and to book an initial lesson, please contact me here.